PriceAI Whitepaper


We propose to introduce a decentralized token named PRICE that uses OpenAI Artificial Engine combined with zero knowledge proofs or zk-SNARKS to ensure Price Stability for EVM centric cryptocurrency tokens on 10 different blockchains, starting with Binance blockchain.

Smart Contract Audit :

PriceAI is Pinksale/BlockSafu Audited.

Link :

Blockchains : We start with Binance Blockchain then expand to Etheruem Blockchain, Avalanche Blockchain, Fantom Blockchain, MoonRiver Blockchain, Harmony ONE Blockchain, Arbitrum Blockchain, xDAI Blockchain, Polygon Matic Blockchain and HECO Blockchain

Tokens we Support in the RoadMap:

ETHER, BNB, USDT, WBTC , DOT, USDC, AVAX, Harmony ONE, Arbitrum, HECO, DAI, MoonRiver MVR, MATIC, FTM, BTCB, WETH (Polygon), JOE (AVAX), BUSD on Harmony, BUSD on Binance chain, CAKE, MANA, TRUE USD and CET.

In short, the PriceAI platform will allow you to stabilize the price of any tokens on any blockchain PriceAI supports.

PriceAI will be a non-custodial token where smart contracts as well as the funds will not be owned or placed in the custody of a third party or a platform at any point during the service period.

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